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  • No. of Customer Support User Accounts
  • No. of Conversations Per Month
  • WhatsApp Green Tick
  • Multiple Channels
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Please contact us for special rates, if you are an ISV or if you have demand for high volumes of WhatsApp Business API accounts!

Pay Per Conversation, Not Per Message

Each Conversation is a 24 hour window where you can send unlimited messages

User-Initiated Conversation

If a user sends a message and business replies to it, a conversation session is initiated and the session is valid for 24 hours

Business-Initiated Conversation

If a business sends the first message, the conversation is initiated immediately is is valid for 24 hours from the message sent time.

WhatsApp charges based on conversations. Unlimited messages can be exchanged during a 24 hour conversation without extra fee. The fee per conversation varies by country.

Facebook Conversation Charges + 10%


  • Can we switch from monthly to annual plan anytime?

    Yes. You can easily switch from monthly to annual plan by sending us an email. The cost shall be pro-rated based on the date of the switch
  • Can I cancel anytime?

    Yes. You can cancel your plan anytime. Once you cancel, no further charges shall be applied on your account. However, there are no refunds if you cancel your plan in the middle of your subscription duration.
  • What are the payment methods?

    You can pay using credit/debit cards (that support international purchases in USD)
  • How are the conversation costs charged?

    You can recharge for credits and the conversation costs are deducted from your credit balance. The credits never expire.
  • How long does it take to get YENASYS Account Access?

    You get YENASYS Account access within 10 minutes of completing all the signup steps. If your Facebook Business is not verified, you get Sandbox access until your Facebook Business is verified.