WhatsApp Marketing Messages & Promotional Messages

Are you aware of WhatsApp Business API? If you are aware of WhatsApp Business API, you may very well know that businesses have to get approved for all of their template messages directly from WhatsApp. For more than 3 years, these message templates can be sent only after a user opts-in for updates. Also, message templates should include only transactional messages, delivery messages, and messages that can be categorized as an ‘update’. That was to ensure that businesses can not spam unnecessary notifications and provide complete personalized communication with their customers on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Marketing Messages

What is a WhatsApp promotional message template?

In the last three years, customers communicated with multiple businesses on WhatsApp and asked for certain items, perks, and offers/discounts before making a purchase. Considering that, WhatsApp has recently started to approve personalized promotional message templates that can be used for remarketing & re-engagement. To be precise, A promotional message template will be a non-transactional message that will allow businesses to update their customers when certain products come back in stock, certain offers & discounts, App promotions, cart-recovery messages, etc.

1. Loyalty Offers

A personalized customer experience can always increase the revenue and profit margins, while also strengthening customer loyalty. With such templates, you can provide a personalized shopping package to your most engaged buyers due to being a loyal customer. These kinds of offers are really effective in enhancing customer engagement.

WhatsApp Notifications

2. Monthly Offers

These non-transactional promotional messages should be sent for a limited period where customers would love to buy certain trending items.

WhatsApp Marketing Messages

3. Seasonal Promotions

With such templates, you can provide a personalized shopping package to your most engaged buyers during a festival or special season. These offers are really effective when a user searches for coupon codes on your website.

WhatsApp Marketing Messages

4. Discount Offers

You can offer discounts to upsell certain items when someone makes a purchase on your website. These promotional messages should be sent when customers are actively communicating with you regarding the status of their items.

WhatsApp Marketing Messages

Eligibility To Send Non-transactional Template Messages On WhatsApp

If you want to broadcast promotional messages to thousands of your customers then you must Apply for the WhatsApp Business API. If you already have the WhatsApp API approved number, you can start a promotional/non-transactional broadcast.

Prerequisites to start a broadcast for promotions on WhatsApp:
Considerations & Restrictions:
  • • To send promotional templates, Businesses must get opt-in from their users and opt-ins need to adhere to WhatsApp opt-in policy guidelines.
  • • Every promotional template message will be reviewed. Daily Newsletters and unnecessary notifications are still not allowed.
  • • Businesses must follow WhatsApp’s policies.